HTA0 – Parts and Materials

Download the Bill of Materials

This file contains all the non-3d printed parts you will need.

Note: Read the list carefully, as some of these items are not part of our kits currently.

This file is a screw-size guide that will come in handy as you build your own.

3D Printed Parts

One of the key design points of our HTA0 Horizontal Travel Robotic Arm, is that it can be printed very quickly and withing a few cycles. On a Prusa i3 MK2 printer, the arms take 4+ hours to complete, which is the lengthiest print.

You can access all the .STL files here through Thingiverse


You can also focus on getting your robot up and running quickly by using a kit.

Order a kit here

“Buy Everything on your Own” Guide

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